Top five Well onTarget self-management programs

Through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, HealthSelect of Texas® plan and Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM participants have access to a variety of self-management programs designed to help them get and stay healthier.

In 2020, nearly 600 HealthSelect participants participated in one of those programs through Well onTarget®. Participants can choose a self-management program that fits their goals or take the Health Assessment to see which of the programs would best fit their needs.  free to forward the following in an email to your employees or post it in your internal newsletter.

Top five Well onTarget self-management programs for HealthSelect participants

It always ranks as one of the top New Year resolutions: “I’m going to improve my health.” If you have a similar resolution, you don’t have to wait until 2021 to begin. HealthSelect of Texas®  plan participants, including those enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM, have access to a variety of self-management programs offered through Well onTarget®.

To get and stay healthy, nearly 600 HealthSelect participants chose one of 26 programs available. Check out one of these top five, or any of the other programs, and take a step toward a healthier you!

#5 – Preventing Diabetes

More than half of all adults in Texas are living with prediabetes or diabetes, according to a report from the American Diabetes Association. The “Preventing Diabetes” program helped HealthSelect participants commit to healthier habits to avoid Type 2 Diabetes. Of those who started the program, 41% succeeded in tracking progress and completing their diabetes prevention goals.

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#4 – Preventive Health – Reducing Your Risks

This program can help your quality of life by reminding you to stay up to date with yearly wellness check-ups, screenings and immunizations. By focusing on preventive care, health problems can be caught early, when they’re easier and less costly to treat.

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#3 – Healthy Bones and Joints

With age, the body naturally loses muscle, bone mass and strength, so this program helps participants focus on staying active and working on mobility to reduce joint and muscle pain.

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#2 – Managing Your Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome doesn’t get enough attention, so it’s good to see this Self-Management Program is near the top of the list. This program helps participants manage metabolic syndrome by improving their eating habits and getting more active. These healthy changes may lower the risk of many serious health problems, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. Learn more on the Metabolic Syndrome page of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

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#1 – Improving Your Cholesterol

Improving Your Cholesterol” is the most popular course, with 238 HealthSelect participants joining the program. This program successfully helped individuals with setting and maintaining healthier eating habits and activity goals from beginning to end.

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Additional Wellness Resources 

In addition to self-management programs, Well onTarget offers a variety of other wellness resources, including a symptom checker, personalized wellness coaching and health trackers that can sync to most fitness devices. HealthSelect participants can access Well onTarget through Blue Access for MembersSM or through the AlwaysOn® Wellness smartphone app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store.

When first accessing Well onTarget, participants are encouraged to complete the Health Assessment. The Health Assessment will identify what you are already doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. After you take the assessment, you will receive a personal wellness report with recommended goals and action steps based on your responses.

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Source: ERS Update Express (December 2020)