Becoming a Coffee Bean: Finding Opportunities in Adversity March 4

Damon West exchanged the American Dream for a dystopian nightmare. Far from the glory of quarterbacking his college football team, roaming the Halls of Congress or trading on Wall Street, his addiction to meth and subsequent multi-million-dollar crime spree delivered him a life-sentence in a Texas maximum-security prison.

One day, a seasoned convict shared an allegory with him that changed his life. It taught him that, like a coffee bean, the power to change any situation comes from inside you, not the forces outside of you.

Join UHD’s Center for Public Service and Community Outreach for a  conversation with Damon March 4 at 3 p.m. to see how he went from serving Life in a Texas maximum-security prison to teaching Prisons in America at UHD.

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