ERS retirement readiness webinar March 18

It is never too early or too late to start building your personal savings toward a comfortable retirement. For answers to your money questions and guidance on how the Texa$averSM 401(k) / 457 Program can work with your pension help you build wealth and get you retirement ready, register for ERS’ Texa$aver Thursday webinar on March 18 from 10-11 a.m..

The Texa$aver Thursday webinar will include a brief overview of the Texa$aver program and a question-and-answer session with a Texa$aver Retirement Plan Advisor (RPA). Texa$aver RPAs have more than 10 years’ experience in the financial industry and are prepared to answer your questions about how to meet your financial goals.

How to register for the webinar

The Texa$aver Thursday webinar is on ERS’ online events calendar. From the calendar, you can follow the following steps to register for the event.

  1. Click on the “Benefit highlights: Texa$aver” link for the March 18 webinar.
  2. Click on the “…” link toward the bottom of the webpage.
  3. Fill in the “First Name,” “Last Name” and “Email Address” fields.
  4. Click “Register” to complete your registration. You will get a confirmation email with the webinar’s date and time.

You can attend the hour-long webinar from the convenience of your computer or other device.

The Texa$aver RPA will leave plenty of time to answer questions that webinar attendees submit during the webinar. If you think of more questions after the webinar or have more personal financial planning questions, you can schedule a virtual appointment with a Texa$aver RPA at no cost to you.

How can a Texa$aver RPA help me?

Texa$aver RPAs are investment professionals. They can provide you advice—not just general information—on how to manage your investments, weather volatile markets and build your personal retirement savings. RPAs sometimes are referred to as Education Counselors. However, RPA is the more accurate name for them since they are licensed to advise you about steps to meet your financial goals.

If you are a Texa$aver program participant, an RPA can help you create and manage an investment portfolio based on your individual goals. If you don’t currently have a Texa$aver account, an RPA can explain the benefits of opening an account and provide advice on savings goals and investment allocation.

Get to know the RPAs

We introduced you to the six Texa$aver RPAs located around the state in this News About Your Benefits article. You can find contact information for the RPA in your area on the Texa$aver RPA map.

Tune in to the Texa$aver Thursday webinar on March 18 to find out what you should be doing with your money—and how to do it. Use your Texa$aver benefit to take control of your financial future.

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