April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Did you know April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month?

A well-stocked first aid kit can help you tend to your pets until medical help can be reached. You can easily put together a well-stocked pet first aid kit using a waterproof container that opens and closes easily. The following is a checklist you can use to stock up on emergency supplies.

  • Veterinarian’s contact information – Have numbers for both your family veterinarian and an after-hours emergency veterinarian readily available.
  • Scissors – Use these to cut hair and bandages.
  • Tweezers- These are used for removing objects from skin or paws.
  • Eyedropper – This is used to dispense liquid medication or to clean superficial wounds.
  • Gloves – Use gloves to help protect you and keep the wound sanitary.
  • Gauze pads – These pads are used for cleaning injuries.
  • Gauze rolls – Use the rolls to wrap around wounds or as a safety muzzle.
  • Soft muzzle – These are used to prevent your pet from biting you or chewing on an injury while in pain.
  • E-collar – These collars are available in a variety of sizes (both opaque and clear). They are cone-shaped protectors that attach to your pet’s collar and prevent your pet from accessing a wound or injury. They can be found at pet stores and veterinary clinics.
  • Alcohol prep pads – You use these pads to sterilize items such as scissors or tweezers.
  • Cold pack – Use a cold pack to reduce swelling or pain.
  • Digital thermometer – The thermometer is used to help you determine if your pet has a fever. Do not use a mercury thermometer because it can shatter.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Use peroxide to clean wounds.
  • Rags or rubber tubing – Both of these items can be used to make a tourniquet.
  • Blanket or towel – Use one of these to wrap an injured pet, carry an injured pet or to provide warmth.







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