TRS contribution percentages set to increase September 1

The 2019 Texas Legislative session approved increases to the contribution rates for both employees and employers for five fiscal years. This year an increase is set to occur.

Below is a chart indicating the increases passed during the 2019 legislative session. Additional information can also be found on the TRS website.

For Pay Received on, or after: Employee Contribution Rate State/Employer Contribution Rate
09/01/2019 7.7% 7.5%
09/01/2020 7.7% 7.5%
09/01/2021 8.0% 7.75%
09/01/2022 8.0% 8.0%
09/01/2023 8.25% 8.25%
09/01/2024 8.25% 8.25%

Contribution rates are reflected on your payroll check depending on how you are paid:

  • Bi-weekly paid employees: payroll check dated 09/10/2021.
  • Monthly paid employees: payroll check dated 09/01/2021.

To learn more about the change in TRS contribution rates and other benefits changes occurring in FY22, join ESO for it’s final “Get the Scoop” annual benefits information session today at 10 a.m.

As a TRS member, employees contribute a percentage of their eligible compensation to fund their retirement benefits. In addition, UHD contributes a percentage of their gross compensation towards their retirement account. The Texas Legislature sets the contribution rates for both employee and employer contributions.

Note: If you participate in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP), no changes are currently scheduled for the employee or employer contribution rates. The contribution rates remain 6.65% for the employee and 6.6% for employers.