Texa$aver July virtual presentations

The more you know about your financial picture and your retirement benefit, the more you can get out of it. That’s why Texa$aver is offering virtual group presentations in July to help you manage your Texa$aver 457.

Texa$aver Overview Presentation (Choose a session)

Texa$aver Investment Basics Presentation (Choose a session)

In addition to the group presentation, participants can set up a time to talk to John McCabe for a Texa$aver virtual one-on-one session to discuss:

  • What retirement readiness looks like
  • Where will your money come from?
  • Understanding healthcare costs, Social Security and more
  • A look at the big picture and the little details

To get ready for the meeting you are encouraged to log in to your account to see where your savings stand.

For more information about Texa$aver call (800) 634-5091 or visit