Guard against the traits that lead to burnout

Job burnout has many causes, and most of them are rooted in people’s personalities. U.S. News & World Report analyzes some of the common personality traits that can lead to burnout:

  • Overachiever. You chase the end result and forget to enjoy the process of getting there. You might be an overachiever if you constantly crave praise for your achievements, feel guilty when you’re not working, and/or hold yourself and others to unrealistically high expectations.
  • Taskmaster. Like the overachiever, the taskmaster is obsessed with work, driving him-or herself to extremes in the pursuit of results. Watch for symptoms like judging yourself for not working hard enough, believing that greater effort always leads to success, and an overly intense focus on self-discipline.
  • Perfectionist. Nobody’s perfect, but these people don’t accept that. They strive for absolute perfection in everything they do. Traits include not allowing yourself to make a single mistake, missing project deadlines because you’re always looking to make one last improvement, having an all-or-nothing perspective on success, and focusing obsessively on imperfections in your work or other people’s work.
  • Controller. These people have to micromanage everything to make sure it’s up to expectations. They don’t trust others to do good work, take on more than they should because they believe only they can do things right, and prepare for every possible scenario because they can’t handle uncertainty.
  • People pleaser. You want to keep your managers and co-workers happy, but this tendency can go too far if you’re not careful. People pleasers have difficulty setting reasonable boundaries and saying no to requests, feel uncomfortable if anyone gets upset with them (leading to always say yes even when they can’t or don’t want to comply), and are unable to assert themselves effectively.

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