Make better money decisions with behavioral science August 12

When it comes to managing our money, there is often a gap between knowing what’s good for us and actually doing it. Actions we take (or don’t take) often depend on other factors, like our mood, the cost (in effort/time/money) or whether we know other people doing it?

Join Dr. Marco A. Palma, Director of the Behavior Laboratory at Texas A&M University, August 12 from 10-11 a.m. for “Using Behavioral Science to Make Better Money Decisions.”

Dr. Palma will share stories of how we humans make suboptimal decisions without realizing it. He’ll also introduce strategies, like “commitment devices,” that can help you override your unconscious brain biases and achieve your money goals.

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About the speaker:

Dr. Marco A Palma is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University. His areas of interest are consumer economics, experimental and behavioral economics and neuroeconomics. Dr. Palma is a Texas A&M Presidential Impact Fellow and the Director of the Human Behavior Laboratory, a transdisciplinary facility that integrates state of the art technology to measure neurophysiological responses of human decision-making. The HBL aims to facilitate the integration of neurophysiological responses to traditional methods of studying human behavior to better understand, predict, and change behavior that improves people’s health and well-being.