New Gators

New Gators

UHD is pleased to announce the following new UHD employees…

From left to right: Ryan Beaudoin, Ashley Carter (Orientation Specialist), Mark Samudio

  • Ryan Beaudoin – Program Coordinator, US Prep, Data and Research
  • Mark Samudio – User Support Specialist II

From left to right: Tamera Davis, Norman Harris, Brittny Preston, Carlos Goode

  • Tamera Davis – Clinical Case Manager – Student Health Services
  • Carlos Gooden – Executive Director, Graduate Business Programs
  • Norman Harris – Student Account Technician I
  • Brittny Preston – Parking Assistant

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  1. Hi Miss Ashley,

    Checking back to see if our new SFA Counselor I, Beatriz Sanchez Alvarado was missed in the New Gators section? She may have attended orientation on 8/6.



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