Enhance workplace performance and productivity tomorrow

The modern workforce is flooded with information with intersecting deadlines and the pressure to excel. What if you could use your brain to better manage these challenges and enhance your performance?

Join Stephen White, Chief Operating Officer for the Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas, September 23 from 10-11 a.m. for Enhancing Performance and Productivity in the Modern Workplace to learn strategies to help enhance your brain’s performance and optimize performance through SMART (Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training) principles.

In this webinar, Stephen will help you learn habits that can make the most of your brain’s untapped potential.  Learn strategies to lead your company by minimizing mental fatigue among your employees as well as how to get more out of your time for the things and people you love.

The webinar is designed to be conversational in nature and allows time for questions.

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About our speaker:

Stephen White, JD is a reformed “multi-tasker” with a strong focus and vision toward improving health at the organizational level. Through his role as Chief Operating Officer at the Center for Brain Health he is taking the information garnered from over 20 years of brain and performance research through the UT Center for Brain Health to the public to improve human performance and well-being. With over 15 years as an executive in commercial healthcare products and services, combined with experience as a commercial attorney and CPA, Mr. White understands the demands of organizations and sees brain health and performance as the next “big thing” to improve how we all think, work, and live. He works with strategic partners to build scalable services and assessments, and collaboration opportunities.

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