How to talk about money with your partner

Money is always a sensitive topic between people, even committed couples. It’s important to talk about it, though,
especially as you make long-term plans. The Fox Sports Charlotte website offers this advice for getting through
the ongoing conversation:

  • Establish trust without judgment. Before you begin, make a commitment to staying calm and not judging your
    partner for their attitudes or decisions. Don’t get defensive. Ask questions that keep your partner at ease—not
    “How could you spend so much money?” but “How did you decide to buy that?”
  • Agree on goals. As your relationship progresses, you’ll probably start to think about the future. Make sure you’re
    on the same page when it comes to moving in together, buying a house, having children, saving for college
    eventually, and so forth. You should be aligned from the beginning to avoid disagreements down the line.
  • Decide on combining your finances. Will a joint bank account work for both of you? Some couples establish a
    joint account right away, with both partners contributing all their earnings. Some do a little of both, a joint
    account for the household and separate accounts for individual use. Just be sure you’re both comfortable with
    whatever option you choose.
  • Be honest about debt. Don’t let your college loan or credit card debt come as a surprise to your partner.
    Disclose the size of the debt, interest rates, and payment options up front. Openness will build trust that allows
    you to work together on a strategy for managing your debts effectively.
  • Talk often. Talk about money in your relationship regularly. If you only discuss finances once a year—at tax
    time, say—the conversation may end up erupting into other issues that you’ve been ignoring for the past 11
    months. Ongoing conversations can eliminate surprises and keep both of you focused on the same goals.

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