Stay fit and healthy as you celebrate

The holidays are full of temptation, and staying fit while everyone else is indulging in treats can be tough. If
you don’t want to start the new year with unwanted pounds, follow this advice from the Abilene-RC website:

  • Stick to your exercise routine. Keep going to the gym or working out at home on your usual schedule.
    Recruit a buddy if necessary to keep you on track.
  • Choose fitness activities you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to do exercises that you find boring, or excruciatingly difficult. Pick something as simple as yoga, dance classes, or a light run that you’ll actually do, not avoid.
  • Start out slow. If you’re starting an exercise routine during the holidays as a proactive measure, take things
    easy at first. Remember to stretch and warm up before any physical activity. Work with a personal trainer, at
    least up front, to learn how to get results without injuring yourself.
  • Watch your food intake. It’s all right to have a big dinner to celebrate, but don’t overdo it. Stick to reasonable portions, and don’t go back for seconds, thirds, or fourths.

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