Manage workplace stress with these techniques

Work can be stressful, and too much stress can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health as well as your career. The BioSpace website recommends these tactics for keeping stress under control before it cripples you:

• Practice meditation. You don’t need an elaborate ritual. Just spend a few minutes every day clearing your mind, focusing on your breathing, and letting your thoughts flow without focusing on any one thing. Meditation can ease depression, high blood pressure, and other side effects of stress.

• Adjust your work/life balance. Don’t let your job become your whole life. Be sure to take the time off you’re entitled to so you can relax and refresh. Leave work behind at the end of the day and focus on your family and friends. No matter how busy you are, devote some time to enjoying life without worrying about what’s happening at the office.

• Get organized. Stress can result from not managing your time effectively. Set priorities so you know where to focus your energy for the best results. Create a filing/storage system so you don’t have to waste time and increase your stress looking for important items. Establish some personal rituals for the day—meditation and a cup of tea in the morning, for example, and deep breathing in the afternoon.

• Ask for help. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Be honest about your strengths and gaps, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it—it’s better than making a mistake because you weren’t willing to reach out. On a personal level, don’t try to handle your stress on your own. A therapist or life coach can offer tips and techniques for managing problems effectively, freeing you up to focus on what you want.

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