Stop working in crisis mode

While some of us thrive on being busy at work, operating in a constant panic mode is ultimately bad for your productivity and your mental health. You can prevent living in an environment of endless crises with this advice, from U.S. News & World Report:

• Empty your brain. List all your tasks in black and white. Getting them out in a clear, objective format will keep them from crowding your brain with worry and uncertainty. You won’t have to wonder if you forgot something—or get caught off guard by something that slipped through the cracks.

• Put things in perspective. Step back to assess your priorities. Which tasks have hard deadlines? Are any deadlines self-imposed? Can they be adjusted? Which tasks are more important, and which can you delay—or delete? You’ll cut down on stress by realizing you don’t have to do absolutely everything by five o’clock today.

• Revise your expectations. Are you a perfectionist? Are your deadlines unrealistic? Do other people demand more than you can reasonably deliver? Establish what’s possible for you to accomplish, let others know what you’re willing and able to do, and remind yourself that you have limits—and that’s OK.

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