Struggling with weight loss? Join one of two, free HealthSelect programs

By Annie Lara

Millions of Americans struggle and lose their battle with weight each year. It is not an easy battle to win, but as a UHD employee, you have two, free weight loss programs in your corner to help you win the fight.

Two Program Options

Wondr and Real Appeal are two HealthSelect online programs designed to help employees in their weight lose journey. While both are certified effective programs, UHD employees can only participate in one program at a time.

To participate in either program, employees, retirees and dependent must enrolled in a HealthSelect plan (excluding Medicare-primary participants), age 18 or older and must have a BMI of 23 or higher.

What makes these programs so unique? Wondr and Real Appeal are curated to your personal needs.

Wondr. If you are the type of person who learns better with a program where you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods, Wondr is the weight loss program for you. It’s short, convenient videos and flexibility are designed to help you attain your personal goals.

Real Appeal. However, if you prefer a more disciplined approach, Real Appeal is for you. Participants take part in an online community and meet with a coach at the same time each week. They learn how to track food and exercise habits and utilize personalized tools to help them get started.

To learn more, visit HealthSelect or attend one of the upcoming informational Wellness Events hosted by ERS.

Upcoming ERS Weight Management Wellness Events

March 2 – HealthSelect Wellness: Weight Management Programs (10:30 a.m.)

March 22 – What is Wondr Health? (11:30 a.m.)

March 22 – What is Real Appeal? (1 p.m.)

March 24 – Which program is right for me? Wondr Health & Real Appeal Overview (10 a.m.)