Don’t have time for fitness? Fitness Release Time makes it easy!

Kim works at UHD full-time and has a very busy schedule. After work, she is running errands, picking up her kids from school, making dinner, and ends up having no time for herself. She wants to incorporate fitness into her lifestyle, but that seems impossible.

There isn’t enough time during the week for everything. However, being a full-time, UHD employee makes fitting in fitness easy!

With Fitness Release Time (FRT), full-time employees can get paid to work out three times a week for up to 30 minutes each time. Participants can take part in fitness activities offered in the Student Life Center (SLC) or other physical fitness options on campus, such as walking or biking.

Employees, like Kim, can use FRT to incorporate fitness into their life, thus improving their health and well-being. It can also reduce or eliminate problems affecting their health and work productivity. That’s 1 ½ paid hours a week to make an impact on your health.

So, how do you use FRT?

UHD employees interested in FRT can use it in one of two ways:

  1. At the SLC. Employees can combine their 30 minutes of FRT time with their lunch break or at the beginning/end of the day to participate in classes or activities that last longer than 30 minutes or to participate in activities that take no more than 30 minutes.
  2. Other physical activities on campus. As an alternative, employee can take 30 minutes to complete physical activities outside of the SLC but around campus, such as:
    • Walking
    • Climbing stairs
    • Biking

This option also accommodates FRT users working in positions where it may be hard being gone 30 minutes at a time. It can be taken in one, 30-minute session up to three times a week or in two, 15-minute sessions (in one day) up to three times a week.

FRT sessions cannot be used concurrently. It counts as hours worked but not for overtime pay or compensatory time and may not interfere with an employee’s duties or the department’s responsibilities.

How do I Apply?

To participate in FRT:

  1. Print and fill out the Fitness Release Time Application
  2. Submit your application to your supervisor for approval
  3. Fill out the PAR-Q form
  4. Take supervisor signed application and PAR-Q form to ESO Benefits Office
  5. Receive email notice from ESO Benefits Office of application acceptance
  6. Start using FRT!

Employees taking advantage of FRT must attach and upload proof of their activity in TRAM when they request leave. The proof should show the date and time of the exercise. This can be done with a screenshot of a smartphone health application, a photo of their Apple Watch, pedometer/Fitbit, etc.

Get started today!

Now there are no excuses, apply today and get paid to better your physical health!

If you need more information, review the Employee Wellness Policy or contact the Benefits Unit at or X-8060.

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