Talk your way into confidence

Self-confidence is crucial to achieving your goals, but many people struggle with it. Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy, running yourself down in your thoughts. NPR offers these insights into being nicer to yourself so you can succeed on the job and in your life:

  • Talk to yourself like a friend. You wouldn’t call your best friend stupid, would you? Don’t do it to yourself. Learn to be kind to yourself. Be constructive when you make a mistake—not “I am such an idiot!” but “How could I have handled that better?”
  • Keep a log of your thoughts. Pay attention to how often you criticize yourself throughout the day. You may find that you’re pretty harsh, which can help you realize that you can be more gentle with your thoughts. Also, when you have a negative thought, question it. You may have made one mistake, but that doesn’t mean you always screw up. Think of times when you succeed instead of wallowing in failure.
  • Find authentic affirmations. Let’s face, lots of “positive thinking” affirmations can sound cheap and cheesy. Train yourself to respond to negative thoughts with something you can believe in—“I learn from my mistakes,” or “I don’t have to worry about things I can’t control.”
  • Redirect your thoughts. Try not to think about yourself so much. Find an activity that demands your full concentration. Volunteer for a cause you believe in. Getting out of your head can help more positive thoughts seep in.

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