Better your physical health today with Wellness Leave

By Annie Lara

Focusing on your physical health is crucial to any success, but sometimes it can be forgotten in the busy, day-to-day bustle. Become aware of your health and reduce health risks by using UHD’s Wellness Leave!

Wellness Leave gives full-time, benefits-eligible employees up to eight hours of leave when they complete an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and receive an annual comprehensive physical exam each calendar year.

To participate in Wellness Leave:

  1. Complete the HRA and Physician’s Certification of Routine Physical Exam Affidavit
  2. Print and fill out the HRA completion certificate provided by your current health care insurance provider
  3. Schedule a physical exam with your doctor’s office using Sick Leave
  4. Ensure the physician has filled out and signed the “Physician’s Certification of Routine Physical Exam” section of the affidavit
  5. Submit certification to supervisor for signature and ESO
  6. Receive email notice from ESO Benefits Office of application acceptance
  7. Start using Wellness Leave!

Once an employee receives Wellness Leave, they can request to use it in TRAM. Wellness Leave can be taken in one, eight-hour increment or two sets of four hours.

Take advantage of this benefit. Apply today and get an additional eight hours of leave for bettering your physical health!

If you need more information, please review the Employee Wellness Policy or contact the Benefits Unit at or X-8060.


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