Picture yourself healthy

Many of us struggle to control our weight. It’s especially hard when you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re asking yourself: Should I change my eating habits? Am I going to like what I eat? Do I need more exercise? Do I have the time to prep meals and get a workout in?

While these are good questions, they can be too much. Sometimes it’s better to start small.

An easier first step

Try this. Close your eyes and picture yourself at a healthy weight. Maybe you’re already there, or maybe you look a bit different. Ask yourself: how do you feel?

Most of us feel good at the thought of reaching and keeping up a healthy weight. Along with more confidence, being at a healthy weight can boost your satisfaction in life.

As an easy second step, answer this three-question quiz that can help you choose between two weight management programs available to HealthSelectSM participants who meet eligibility requirements.

I’m ready to take the quiz.

If you are eligible and ready to make a change, one of these programs might help you make your vision a reality.

Source: HealthSelect

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