Beware of Sketchy Financial Service Offerings

A woman stares suspiciously at her laptop in a dimly lit room with a cup of coffee by her side.

This article originally appeared in an ERS newsletter. It has been lightly edited for use by UHD employees.

We continue to hear about suspicious emails from supposed financial services companies. Beware of such outreach and offers that don’t come directly from TRS or one of our benefits plan providers!

Tax deferred annuity (TDA) programs are available to interested eligible employees. Investments can be made through UHS approved companies and their representatives. Contact ESO’s Benefits Team for more information on TDAs. For information on managing your TDA, review the Retirement@Work Overview or log in to Retirement@Work.

Texa$averSM  457 Program participants can use the program’s retirement planning and investment advisory services at a lower cost than many other financial and investment advisors. Empower manages this service. Use this map to find an Empower advisor convenient to you. Retirement Plan Advisors can offer you a great deal of overall financial assistance associated with your pension and Texa$aver assets. This is offered at no cost to you as part of our contract with the plan administrator. You can sign up for optional managed account services at a competitive rate if you would like more in-depth planning. The managed service is specific to the investment products offered within the core lineup.

TRS also offers retirement counseling. Learn more about our retirement planning services, including:

  • Financial awareness
  • Retirement calculators
  • Retirement planning
  • Education Videos

Working with our vetted administrators gives peace of mind that your financial security is top priority. If you think you’d benefit from working with another financial or investment advisory service, please keep in mind that they aren’t affiliated with UHD or TRS. Thoroughly research outside companies before engaging with them.

We also learned that employees at some state agencies have received this email offering one-on-one consultation on retirement benefits (example included). It was from a source that is not affiliated with TRS or UHD. We highly recommend that you forward any suspicious email you receive at your work email address to

Stay safe out there, Gators. When in doubt, please reach out!