Congratulations to March’s Kudos Recipients!

28 staff members from 13 departments received Kudos in March. Join ESO in congratulating these staff members!

Advancement & University Relations

  • Gabriel Morales

Auxiliary Services

  • Robert Browand

College of Business

  • Evangeline Uresti

Computing, Telecom, & Video Networking

  • Javier Diaz
  • Reginald Pickens

Disability Services

  • Marieshah Wells
  • Hope Pamplin
  • Nkechi Uchegbu

Employment Services & Operations

  • Gladis Moya
  • Ashley Carter
  • Jenifer Cortez
  • Christian Purdy
  • Chetiqua Matthews Herron
  • Donald Kesterson

Facilities Management

  • Valentin Gonzalez
  • Jose Delgado
  • Abraham Flores
  • Javier Diaz-Tornez

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Sheila Ortega-Calvillo

Public Safety

  • Ricardo Reyna
  • Lisa Barajas
  • Julia Gonzalez

Sports & Fitness

  • Leeanna Santos

Student Counseling Services

  • Samantha Salazar

Technical Services

  • Franklin Phan

Technology Learning Services

  • Albert Holden
  • Michael Rains
  • Jesus Kargue
A star-shaped trophy is featured on a flyer next to the words "Kudos! Express Your Appreciation". Text at the top of the flyer reads "Take the time to thank a fellow UHD staff member on a job well done." Text at the bottom reads "Two Ways to Send Kudos: 1. Outlook --> Home Tab --> "Send Feedback" Icon 2. My TalentSpace --> "Hamburger" icon --> Performance"

UHD Kudos are a quick and easy way to provide positive feedback to a fellow staff member. They can be shared with a supervisor and applied to performance evaluations since Kudos reside in MyTalentSpace.

Along with receiving Kudos recognition in MyTalentSpace, recipients are recognized each month in the HUB DIGEST.

How to send Kudos.

For additional information or detailed instructions on how to use Kudos, visit bit.ly/UHDKudos.

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