Electronic Beneficiary Designations are now Available Through MyTRS

This lightly edited TRS update is being reprinted with permission for the convenience of UHD employees.

Active TRS members can now update their beneficiary designations online using the MyTRS portal!

Upon logging in to MyTRS members will see a menu option to Update Beneficiary. This functionality allows members to add and remove beneficiaries at any time without the need for submitting a paper form. Members will sign their designations at the end of the process, and MyTRS will immediately be updated with the newly-submitted designation.

The TRS logo is featured. A squat rectangle is split into two vertical halves: the left half features a blue background with a relief of an apple; the right half features the letters "TRS". The words "Teacher Retirement System of Texas" line the bottom of the image.

MyTRS will display the beneficiary for active member death benefits and retiree death benefits under the following circumstances:

  • A member enters a new designation in MyTRS, or
  • A member submits a paper beneficiary designation form to TRS, and the form has been processed.

Please note: designations submitted to TRS before January 2018 may not be displayed in MyTRS. This does not mean that the member
does not have a beneficiary designation; it just means that it is not able to be displayed in MyTRS. The designation form is still available in the member’s file and is accessible by TRS staff.

If a member who submitted their designation before January 2018 logs in to MyTRS and does not see their designation displayed on the account homepage they can quickly submit a new designation using the Update Beneficiary feature if they like. The new designation will display immediately once the form has been e-signed.

Categories: Benefits, Retirement