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June is Alzheimer’s, Brain Awareness Month

What if a loved one shows signs of Alzheimer’s disease? According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in 10 Americans age 65 or older has Alzheimer’s disease. The greatest known risk factor is getting older. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are sometimes confused with those of normal aging, so it’s helpful […]

Zoom training tomorrow

Join UHD’s Technology Trainer, Andrew Hannan June 17 from 2-3 p.m. via Zoom as he presents Zoom training. This Gator Learning session is designed to help participants better navigate and use all of the features of Zoom. Register Today! • Login to My TalentSpace • Go to the […]

GatorLEADER Program classes available this week

The GatorLEADER Program is a workshop-based Diversity Leadership curriculum for staff and students leading to an official certificate of completion. UHD staff who complete the program learn to be valuable advocates in their units for inclusive practices that leverage UHD’s diversity for maximum benefit to the campus community. […]

Outdoor Yoga June 16

Join UHD’s Sports and Fitness June 16 from 1-1:45 p.m.on the North Deck for an outdoor yoga workshop to learn skills and feel the benefits of yoga. Participants will learn about the mental and physical benefits of yoga while participating in various yoga poses. Improve your overall health […]