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Emotional Intelligence webinar moved to May 19

By Annie Lara Being aware of relationships is more important than we realize. Relationships can create a positive or negative environment in your life. Did you know that when you cultivate emotional intelligence it can help you build stronger, more grounded relationships? Emotional intelligence has been defined as […]

Knock down these barriers to communication

Communication is at the heart of good leadership. If you can’t express yourself clearly, and people can’t understand what you’re trying to say, you’ll fail as a manager. Here’s some advice from Forbes on what kind of obstacles to look for, and how to overcome them: • Insufficient […]

The Healing Power of Breath with Lacy Wolff next week

By Annie Lara, Ever been told ‘Take a deep breath, everything will be okay’ when life was getting stressful? Stressful events have a way of impacting your blood pressure, heart rate and hormones. Learning how to properly breath can help your Autonomic Nervous System help you manage your […]

Helping someone you love with an eating disorder

Eating disorders affect some 30 million Americans, causing 10,00 deaths a year in the U.S. If you suspect that a family member, friend, or loved one is suffering, follow this advice from CNN Health: • Recognize the symptoms. Look for the signs of an eating disorder: preoccupation with […]

Spectrum Credit Union Checkup

Did you know that May is Military appreciation and National Older American’s Month? The first week of May is also Teacher Appreciation & Small Business Week! Spectrum Credit Union offers educational resources through our partner Balance that can help Small Businesses or tools to help Budgeting and Money […]