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A New Resource for Family Caregivers

Are you or someone you know taking care of an older adult or someone with a disability? If you answered yes, you might be or might know an informal caregiver. An estimated 2.7 million informal caregivers live in Texas. These caregivers help seniors and individuals with disabilities manage […]

Stress Management & WorkLife Balance Seminar

Reduce your immediate stress by at least 50%. In this one-hour seminar you will learn the simple physiology of what stress is, and how to overcome it using exercise, breathing, visualization, meditation and affirmations. Curious?  Come find out how!  Want to balance your life?  Learn how to FIRST balance […]

Create a Positive Mood With Office Plants

It’s spring, so why no freshen up your office or workspace with plants? Plants reduce stress, and research shows that having these small symbols of work-life balance keeping you company can improve your mood and your productivity. It also seems that the more demanding your work, the more […]