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VALIC Mobile App — Coming Soon

VALIC is preparing to roll out a new, free downloadable application designed for the iPhone and Android-based smartphones.     With the new application employees can view: > Portfolio summary > Transaction history > Personal performance > Savings gap analysis tool > Market updates and much more Participants […]

Protecting Your Reputation at Work

Your workplace reputation is a valuable asset, but it is not a “renewable resource.” Once tarnished, it can take years to recoup. How you handle yourself emotionally at work is a key facet of your reputation that can overshadow your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. How do you handle […]

Create an Investment Plan

There is a lot of talk these days about the stock market, recession, and rising prices, and this can be unsettling. But, don’t get distracted from your goal of saving for a financially secure retirement. Three-legged stool is still important for a financially secure retirement. Consider your long […]