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Think Before Recommending a Friend

Ever thought of recommending a friend for a job?  It may not always be in your best interest.  There are many pros and cons to consider, especially when recommending them to your place of work.  Click on the link below to read a thoughtful and useful article on the […]

Make Your Employees Feel Valued

What is the most powerful way that I can help employees feel valued? Not feeling appreciated is a key reason employees quit jobs. This makes employee recognition programs popular. What often gets overlooked, however, is how appreciation can be expressed directly by supervisors. Don’t rely solely upon your […]

Teaching a Child to Summon Help

We’ve all heard marvelous stories about children who save a loved one’s life. But would your children be able to rise to the occasion? It’s all about preparation. Teach your children how to dial 911 as soon as they can play with the phone. Make sure they know […]