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Meditation May Be Your Answer

If you have been looking for ways to focus at work, relieve stress, and possibly lose weight, you may want to consider meditation.  Check out Robert Piper’s “10 Reasons Why Meditation Is America’s New Push-Up for the Brain.”

TRAM – Time Reporting & Absence Management

As you may’ve heard by now, the University of Houston System is rolling out Time Reporting & Absence Management (TRAM). So what is all the fuss about, you may ask? TRAM is an automated and updated application for capturing and processing time and leave, which will take us […]

Soft Skills

Question: What are soft skills and how do I develop the soft skills I am lacking or that need improvement?  Do EAPs do soft skills training? I once was criticized for my lack of follow-through and poor communication, but I don’t see these as EAP issues.   Answer: […]

Workplace Gossip: Rules for the Road

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, up to 90% of workplace conversation is gossip. It appears that this type of natural human interaction is driven by the desire to warn group members against the harmful or inappropriate behavior of others. So not […]

Financial Planning Workshop: Putting Balance in Your Favor

“Putting Balance in Your Favor” Date:             Thursday; March 28, 2013 Time:             3:00 p.m. Location:      Room S-998 Presenter:   Met Life Resources This financial planning workshop discusses how to get the most from your 403(b) investments through properly balancing the contribution and allocations between conservative and aggressive investments. […]