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Countering Counter-Productive Behavior at Work

During the week are you fully engaged or do distractions like gossip, cell phone calls, email wars, election-year political discussions, kitchen conversations, surfing the Internet, or just simple “dawdling” affect your productivity?  Although important business metrics (things companies like to measure) include waste, breakage, machinery downtime, absenteeism, and […]

New UHD Employees

Be sure to look for and welcome the following new UHD employees: Kerry Madole, Supervisor Library Acquisition, Library Jonita Buchanan, Admissions Counselor, Office of Admissions Dr. Christopher Kaio, Director of Disability Services, Disability Services

Make New Year’s Resolutions as a Family

A new year represents a fresh start, an opportunity to set goals and reset your priorities.  Don’t just make New Year’s resolutions for yourself – get your whole family involved.  Consider collaborating on these resolutions for the year: Eat dinner as a family.  Families seem to be busier […]