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The E. Coli Menace: What to Watch For

An outbreak of E. coli this year was responsible for several deaths in Europe and caused hundreds to get sick.  The epidemic renewed concerns about E. coli in general.  Here’s a quick overview. The bacteria Escherichia coli, commonly abbreviated E. coli, is found in the intestines of humans […]

9 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Child

Have you ever been so overwhelmed or stressed that you’ve said things you wish you could take back?  The following article, by Paula Spencer of, contains several parenting tips on alternative ways to communicate with children that can be more constructive and effective in the long-run.  Click […]

New UHD Employees

Let’s give a big UHD welcome to our newest team members! Sharon Guillory, Program Manager, College of Business Laura Gonzalez, Coordinator International Admissions, Admissions Saul Broussard, Academic Advisor, College of Public Service