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Create an Investment Plan

There is a lot of talk these days about the stock market, recession, and rising prices, and this can be unsettling. But, don’t get distracted from your goal of saving for a financially secure retirement. Three-legged stool is still important for a financially secure retirement. Consider your long […]

UHD’s One Main Street Building is 81!

It was 81 years ago that the Merchants and Manufacturers (M&M) Building was completed, becoming Houston’s tallest building and a symbol of the city’s booming economy.  The building is now known as the One Main Street Building.  Click for more information on this fascinating story by the Houston […]

Every Employee Can Be a Leader

You can benefit from understanding and practicing leadership skills, even if you don’t have a manager’s job title. Do you have a willingness to share information, teach others what you know, and show others in your work unit how to perform a complicated task properly? Do you take […]

UHD Parking Permit Renewal

Parking services is now accepting payments for parking permits renewals for the upcoming year. To ensure that your parking permit is mailed to the correct address, please log in to your PASS account and review your mailing address. Your mailing address is displayed under the Personal Information section […]