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Office Email Etiquette

Ever sent an email and discovered you provided a recap of your weekend to the entire campus?  In this age of smartphones, email has become easier to access.  HRPeople offers valuable advice on written (and unwritten) office email communication.  Click here to view the article.

Protecting Your Reputation at Work

Your workplace reputation is a valuable asset, but it is not a “renewable resource.” Once tarnished, it can take years to recoup. How you handle yourself emotionally at work is a key facet of your reputation that can overshadow your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. How do you handle […]

3 Levels of Customer Service

The following article is provided by HR Back in the early days of HR Bartender, I wrote a post about how Customer Service is the New Marketing.  And I still believe it.  The way an organization interacts with its current, potential and past customers is critical.  The […]