Category: Managers

New Supervisors

QUESTION: I am a newly hired supervisor and would like to build trust with my employees quickly. Can you offer any tips? ANSWER: You can’t rush trust, but here are a few tips to prevent setbacks. 1) Do what you say you are going to do. Employees have […]

Constructive Criticism: Feel the Gain

Accepting constructive criticism from others is a learned skill requiring a healthy perspective to avoid perceiving well-meant feedback as an insult or assault. To accept feedback in stride and to feel the gain rather than the pain, view feedback as less of a challenge for you than for […]

Soft Skills

Question: What are soft skills and how do I develop the soft skills I am lacking or that need improvement?  Do EAPs do soft skills training? I once was criticized for my lack of follow-through and poor communication, but I don’t see these as EAP issues.   Answer: […]

The Break Room Code of Silence

How can I get employees to come forward in a straightforward manner to discuss their concerns about the work unit?  Some pout and complain to peers but in meetings never speak up. I think the behavior leads to morale issues and encourages similar behavior in others. Even if […]