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Countering Counter-Productive Behavior at Work

During the week are you fully engaged or do distractions like gossip, cell phone calls, email wars, election-year political discussions, kitchen conversations, surfing the Internet, or just simple “dawdling” affect your productivity?  Although important business metrics (things companies like to measure) include waste, breakage, machinery downtime, absenteeism, and […]

Updated UTEAP Website

UTEAP, UHD’s Employee Assistance Program provider has just completed a revision of their client website and we think you will be very pleased with the results!  Below are some of the new features that you will find on their redesigned website: Pages specifically directed at the different types […]

Exercise and Forget the Sweat

Many people equate exercise with endless hours of huffing, puffing, sweating, and “hurting” at the gym. Don’t let this popular misconception keep you from reaping the benefits of increased physical activity. By spending 30 minutes five days a week doing the equivalent of a brisk walk, you will […]


What is the most important signal a supervisor will get that a new employee is likely to be a valuable performer in the future of the organization? Although intelligence, skills, and abilities all play key roles in an employee’s success, the one most outstanding ability that reinforces all […]