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Constructive Criticism: Feel the Gain

Accepting constructive criticism from others is a learned skill requiring a healthy perspective to avoid perceiving well-meant feedback as an insult or assault. To accept feedback in stride and to feel the gain rather than the pain, view feedback as less of a challenge for you than for […]

Meditation May Be Your Answer

If you have been looking for ways to focus at work, relieve stress, and possibly lose weight, you may want to consider meditation.  Check out Robert Piper’s “10 Reasons Why Meditation Is America’s New Push-Up for the Brain.”

Upcoming UHD Workshops

ESO is excited to host three excellent workshops during March and April; Achieving Balance, Communicating Convincingly, and Business Etiquette & Civility in the Workplace. The workshops are open at no cost to all UHD faculty and staff.  Register through PASS (registration instructions at the end of this post). […]

Achieving a Healthy Balance

Heart-healthy eating involves more than slashing fat and cholesterol. Learn what foods can help keep you healthy. You want to eat well to protect your heart. You start by limiting certain foods you know can cause trouble, such as butter, red meat, cheese, and fried foods. But did […]

Move That Body

February is American Heart Month, and the American Heart Association says it doesn’t take much exercise to have real health benefits. In fact, exercising for just 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart disease. The health plans available through the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program […]