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Reasons to Smile

Research has shown that 60 percent to 70 percent of our communication is nonverbal.  If that’s true, how important is your smile? It’s enormously important. Advertisers on television understand the importance of the smile. So do telemarketers whom you never see. They are taught to smile while speaking […]

Worklife Thriller!

Be sure to come by ESO’s Work/Life Benefits Fair on Halloween day and be THRILLED by this year’s presentation of vendors, free food, and prizes!  As usual, vendors and providers will be on campus with information about their services, benefits, and products.

A New Resource for Family Caregivers

Are you or someone you know taking care of an older adult or someone with a disability? If you answered yes, you might be or might know an informal caregiver. An estimated 2.7 million informal caregivers live in Texas. These caregivers help seniors and individuals with disabilities manage […]