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Protecting Your Reputation at Work

Your workplace reputation is a valuable asset, but it is not a “renewable resource.” Once tarnished, it can take years to recoup. How you handle yourself emotionally at work is a key facet of your reputation that can overshadow your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. How do you handle […]

Get in Shape and Save

Until August 15, $0 Fitness Program enrollment fee For a limited time, HealthSelectSM of Texas participants can join the Fitness Program at no cost, with the $29 enrollment fee waived through August 15, 2011. The Fitness Program can connect you and your family to nearly 3,000 gym locations […]

The E. Coli Menace: What to Watch For

An outbreak of E. coli this year was responsible for several deaths in Europe and caused hundreds to get sick.  The epidemic renewed concerns about E. coli in general.  Here’s a quick overview. The bacteria Escherichia coli, commonly abbreviated E. coli, is found in the intestines of humans […]

9 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Child

Have you ever been so overwhelmed or stressed that you’ve said things you wish you could take back?  The following article, by Paula Spencer of, contains several parenting tips on alternative ways to communicate with children that can be more constructive and effective in the long-run.  Click […]

Think Before Recommending a Friend

Ever thought of recommending a friend for a job?  It may not always be in your best interest.  There are many pros and cons to consider, especially when recommending them to your place of work.  Click on the link below to read a thoughtful and useful article on the […]