Further Your Education in 2023 with UHD’s Help

Considering going back to class or attending training to further your professional development in 2023?  UHD provides the following benefits to assist you with your success on the job and possibilities for advancement through professional development.

College Release Time

The College Release Program is an educational benefit for full-time benefit-eligible staff who have completed their probationary period.  Eligible staff receive up to three (3) hours per week of release time from normal duties to take credit-bearing courses toward a degree plan at an accredited institution of higher learning.

The College Release Program is available during regular semesters (fall and spring), and classroom time and travel to and from class may not exceed three (3) hours per week.

Staff Education Reimbursement

Full-time benefits-eligible, non-probationary UHD staff may be eligible to receive a staff education reimbursement, subject to availability of funds, on a first come, first served basis.  The employee must be enrolled at an accredited institute of higher learning in credit-bearing classes leading to a degree or course applicable to their job or career ladder, employed at UHD through the close of the term, earned a “C” grade or better in the specified semester, have no financial obligations to UHD, and have completed mandatory training.

The education reimbursement is for one class at UHD rates or their accredited institution’s rate, whichever is less.  Approval prior to the beginning of the semester is required for reimbursement.

For more information, visit College Release/Staff Education Reimbursement Programs on Staff Council’s website and see UHD policy PS 02.B.12, Staff Training and Development Policy.  Employee Process Guide – College Release Program and Staff Reimbursement on ESO’s website provides the procedures to apply for release time and reimbursement.

EDGE Grant

The EDGE grant is available to UHD full-time staff members interested in attending seminars, workshops, training sessions, continuing education courses, etc. that are related to their jobs.

One grant per month will be awarded to a UHD full-time staff member. The maximum award per workshop/seminar, etc. is limited to $500. Recipient will be chosen each month by the Staff Council Staff Affairs committee members utilizing a standard rubric​. The award is non-transferable and if not used by the seminar date, must be returned to the Staff Council account.

For more information, visit EDGE Grant on Staff Council’s website.

Gator Learning

Gator Learning events are personal and professional workshops open to UHD staff and administrators.  The workshops address a variety of competencies and soft skills. Monthly learning event sessions are facilitated by the Talent Development Team and various subject matter experts from UHD and the greater Houston area.

Visit ESO’s Talent Development calendar for upcoming workshops.

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