Soft Skills


What are soft skills and how do I develop the soft skills I am lacking or that need improvement?  Do EAPs do soft skills training? I once was criticized for my lack of follow-through and poor communication, but I don’t see these as EAP issues.



Soft skills are personal attributes that relate to your ability to interact within a larger environment. Soft skills may include your ability to remain organized, inspire and praise employees, communicate effectively, establish productive work habits, be a team player, resolve conflicts, or be dependable and conscientious. There is no absolute list of soft skills, yet some, such as effective communication, are commonly referenced.

Consider past performance reviews, interactions with others, and honest criticisms from those you trust. Consider a workbook on the subject. The most recent offering on this topic (2012) is Soft Skill Training: A Workbook to Develop Skills for Employment by Frederick H. Wentz. If you recognize limitations in soft skills areas that you think may be holding you back, talk to the EAP.  Acquiring those skills or deepening them may be enhanced by professional counseling to help you with past psychological roadblocks or challenges that impede your progress.

As a reminder, UHD partners with the University of Texas Employee Assistance Program (UTEAP) to provide employees possible solutions to complex problems affecting their work and personal lives. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling and referral program available to staff, faculty, and their eligible dependents at no cost to the employee. Click on the link above to learn about the services UTEAP provides.


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